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GMB Case Study A to Z Carpet and Rugs

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How Customers Search for your Business?

At A to Z Carpet and Rug Inc., we were doing fine as business as usual. We had few customers here and there coming in and out of our store. Most of them were regular passing by and return customers until we met Skyline Digital Marketing company. These guys came in and draw a 3 months detailed plan for us to reach more customers and make more sales.

The plan was a combination of the Email Marketing services they provide combined with SMS text messaging. They crafted their messages with their creativity and send them out 2 times a month to our prospect.

Combined with Google my Business they created and optimized for us, we saw a huge uptick in hour online presence and in-store appointment. Within GMB, they created a regular post and offer for us. They take pictures of our products, created the description, and posted for our customers to see.

Once they send us the first report, we knew we were up to something. The views of their post are multiplying every day. Customers call us more for information on certain products they saw online. The click-through rate CTR is through the roof because we did not have anything like that before.

The insight they provided us from their report is outstanding. Within the first month, we saw an uptick of over 3000 searches for our products online. The query result tells us the product customers are searching for the most.

Where you Customers View your Business on Google

Our optimized listing on Google search has a great response from our customers who are searching for our products. Our listing on the map went way higher than expected. We never had something like that before because we did not know how to do it and the value of it. Our total views went up to 3.65K views. This is insane and exciting at the same time. These guys truly know what they are doing.

Customer Actions

Our customer’s action increases our website traffic by requesting to see more information from Google my Business optimizer. Request for direction to our store is also increased and the call to our store increased as well. The chart they provided us clearly showed where we had a spike in our customer’s action. This will help us repeat the event that provided the spike.

Products Photos' Views

We are excited to have worked with these guys. Their customer services are excellent. They explain to us things that we don’t have a clue about in plain English. We could not be happier with their services. We are looking forward to seeing what would happen in the next 6 months or so.

If all this can be happening while we are in the middle of a Pandemic COVED-19 where stores have to close, we can only imagine what we will get from their service when all get back to normal.

Thank you so much,
Ali P. from A to Z Carpet and Rugs

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We build your Google my Business and Optimized it so your products can show on your customer’s search better through Direct, Discovery, and Branded search.

You will be able to see your customer’s prospect action from the searches. This will be an indication of how to create a targeted campaign to reach more customers.

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