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We Build Better PPC Campaign

Targeted PPC Campaigns
Skyline Digital Marketing structures your ads in a way that will give you results. We first created multiple ads group and link each ad group to the most relevant landing page on your website for your potential customers’ search terms.

Building “effective” Ad Campaigns
Our research shows that it takes an average of 8-15 hours to setup a properly structured PPC campaign. With Skyline Digital Marketing solution, we streamline this time-wasting, manual process in as little as 45 minutes. Save you time and money setting your add campaign.

​From Your PPC Advertising
Think about it! a customer head to his or her favorite internet search tool and type a search term. That search term happen to have one or more keywords in it. Once they hit enter from their keyboards, the search drop them directly to your website landing page.

It is not a coincident. It is because Skyline Digital Marketing optimized your PPC campaign for your business. The user will feel good that in one click he/she was able to find the product or service they are looking for. It will make them feel like they are in the right place at the right time..

For Every Conversion.
Skyline Digital Marketing helps you generate highly-targeted PPC campaigns that will boost your quality score (QS). The higher your quality score, the lower your cost-per-click and that means lower customer acquisition.

By Increasing Your ROI.
Since “Skyline Digital Marketing” creates optimized PPC campaigns with landing page integrations, you’ll significantly decrease your cost-per-click. This translates directly into more LEADS and SALES for a fraction of the price!

Your Ads AND… Your Business Fast.
Scaling your ad campaigns and growing your business has never been easier. Thanks to “Skyline Digital Marketing” advanced automation, we can easily create highly effective ad campaigns very fast.

Towards New Horizons

We Build the most Effective PPC Campaign for your Business

Automatically Generate Properly Structured Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Campaigns Based On Search Engines Best Practices.
Skyline Digital Marketing creates ads with Google and Bings best practises in mind to ensure your campaign structure is setup exactly the way it should be. We make sure your campaigns have the highest degree of relevancy between the original search term, the ad, and the landing page.

Build Better Campaigns in Less Time
Skyline Digital Marketing generates your ad groups, ads, keywords and exports the campaigns for an easy upload to your Google Ads account. Our team can have an effective ad campaign running in less than 45 minutes.

Skyline Digital Marketing uses Dynamic Keyword Insertion
When users type in their search term in Google, it can pass the search term to your advertisement using our dynamic keyword insertion option. This ensures the quality of your traffic is high, and will also be reflected in your improved conversion rate because of the increased relevancy. At the end your campaign will have a high click thruogh rate

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising service that displays clickable ads on Google’s search results.

The ads appear to the web users based on the keywords, cookies, and a few other metrics predefined by the advertisers and the latter have to pay when someone clicks on the ads.

PPC Campaign

Bing Ads
Almost similar to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is an online advertising system. The joint venture of Microsoft and Yahoo is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows advertisers to run their ad campaigns based on keywords and some other metrics and show these ads to web users who search on Bing, Yahoo, or AOL with those keywords.

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