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Referral Marketing Is Income Producing Retirement

Find something you do better!

When the whole of your market is a copycat industry, you have to do it better, work it smarter, and be more effective at grabbing your audience. What can you do differently, and still be better?

Money Management 101 is a college class, and I can think of at least forty other marketers who use that same course as the first step to Financial Freedom – another mainframe keyword option. So what can you do if those are your targeted keywords? Use them better!

Add long-tail connections Money Management 101 for Seniors, or Financial Freedom 2 years from retirement? Do you think that might get someone’s attention? If not, they won’t be part of your buying market anyways. How do you define your buying client?

Or better yet, is the buying client YOUR client?

In her defense, she’s got this niche covered. In my defense, she’s covered it for a long time and hasn’t focused on a single topic. Helping her find a specific targeted audience has been nearly impossible until we started focusing on ‘selling programs’ and that’s the clincher. She needs people who drive people. She pays referrers well, but she needs them to refer to bigger buyers. That’s her goal, and since it’s her goal, I wrote it down and made it my goal. Helping my clients achieve their better goals makes sense, and my effort can benefit both of us – in a million ways.

How could you better market your business with referrers?

  • Set up a specific niche for referrers.
  • Guide a select group of marketers to your referrer niche.
  • Build an actively growing tribe of referrers with email marketing.
  • Did I say BUILD A LIST?
  • Bring on new referrers regularly for new markets.
  • Grow your dream with new activities every day.

These are just the basics of how you can grow your marketing options with referral marketers. Can you think of more?

Offer Solutions – Make sure your proposals include dynamic solutions for your specific niche paradigm. Don’t overlook anyone in your niche, but narrow it down and grab your specific audience out of a smaller dynamic group, so they can focus on success for your business.

Answer Questions – Everyone has the questions, but if you’re the only one offering quantifiable answers to those questions, you’ll get the business. Don’t be sloppy about this, do it every day. Stay out there and stay focused.

Ultimately – don’t lose sight of your goal. You know you’re in it to help other people and make a profit. If what you’re doing isn’t making you money, you probably aren’t helping a single soul. Fix that!

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